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We Are DutchSE

DutchSE empowers entrepreneurial student organizations by facilitating connections & providing educational resources

Together with all student organizations connected to entrepreneurship, DutchSE preserve and share knowledge. All affiliated communities benefit from knowledge sharing


DutchSE maps all the important (inter)national events and summits. We make sure all information on entrepreneurial events can be found in one place.

We fuel the ecosystem

We provide support and resources to help entrepreneurs in their journey. Ranging from IP advice to internships.

We build bridges

We stimulate and coordinate national collaborations between entrepreneurship communities.

We represent

We lobby and represent student entrepreneurship at events inside & outside the Netherlands

We inspire

We organise events and highlight intitiatives to inspire students to start their entrperneurial career.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is good for the economy and employment. Many initiatives have sprung up over the last years to aid new and young entrepreneurs with their business dreams. Students are specifically an interesting group and there are various organizations focused on helping students or graduates in the field of entrepreneurship. There is currently however no national collaboration between these organizations and in that way opportunities are missed in the fields of knowledge sharing, functional collaboration and logistics. Students, due to this, have difficulties finding entrepreneurial opportunities outside their own city.

The Faces Behind our Success

Meet the board 2021-2022

Quinten Uivel


Anik Metzger

Program Manager

Thyne Scholte

External Affairs

Gustas MatijoŇ°ius

Financial Director

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