About us

Mission and vision

At DutchSE we believe that together we can empower many student entrepreneurs to start the challenge.

We want to grow entrepreneurship among the students in The Netherlands on national level to empower future leaders who make a positive impact.

Under the DutchSE umbrella all major Dutch student communities promote entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. With over a hundred active board members and a reach of 10.000 student entrepreneurs combined, these student communities organise startup/entrepreneurial events at leading universities in the Netherlands.

Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship (DutchCE) is a collaborative partner of Dutch Students for Entrepreneurship (DutchSE)

What we can offer:

  • Resources & Network
  • Events
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Student Communities

DutchSE USPs

Resources & Network

With DutchSE study associations will be able to get a bigger entrepreneurship network to go to and more resources to work with.


DutchSE maps all the important (inter)national events and summits. We will make sure all information on entrepreneurial events can be found in one place.

Knowledge Sharing

Together with all Dutch entrepreneurial student communities, DutchSE will preserve and share knowledge. All affiliated communities will benefit from knowledge sharing.