We’re hiring for 2020-2021!

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Dutch Students for Entrepreneurship is a national student organization, run by enthusiastic students, that creates a nationwide ecosystem by supporting and connecting all local student entrepreneurship organizations. Our mission is to help grow entrepreneurship among students to empower future leaders to make a positive impact. We believe every student should have the resources available to be able to start their own company.

For the 2020/2021 board year, we’re looking for students or recent graduates with a passion for entrepreneurship.

Send an email to info@dutchse.nl with your motivation letter (1 A4 max) and CV including your telephone number.
Please note, in order to be eligible, you need to be a current student or have just recently finished your studies.

Would you like to grab a coffee with us or have a call and talk a little longer, please send us an email or Whatsapp message to schedule a virtual coffee ☕ (+31 623683015)?

The application deadline is 30th of June.

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