16-17 November 2018

16th & 17th of Nov – Startup24

Startup24 is organised on Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th of November, 2018 in several cities in the Netherlands. The purpose of Startup 24 is to inspire prospective student entrepreneurs and to make them aware of the possibilities of being a student and an entrepreneur at the same time. Entrepreneurial skills give you the opportunity to make an impact on the world, which you will need in your future career. In 24 hours you will learn a lot of these skills in an approachable way, and there is plenty of time left to have a lot of fun!

Startup 24 is a low threshold event for students from all backgrounds, whether it is business, engineering, computer science, physics, sociology, geography, law, marketing, medicine, nursery, teaching, communication etc. Startup24 is an event that allows people from every single study background to get in touch with entrepreneurship, everybody is more than welcome!

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