We believe that entrepreneurship provides an outstanding opportunity to develop yourself into a responsible, proficient and autonomous person.

Entrepreneurship in that way contributes to eudaimonia, which makes for a good life.

We stress the importance of societal development. As entrepreneurs are inherently innovative, their products and services contribute to an increasing well-being of our society.

New products and services do not only promote social improvements, startups especially generate local business and therefore stimulate a region’s economy.
Our mission
We are building a network in which our participants develop their own startup and our board members can explore their talents. Our innovative entrepreneurial programme facilitates our network’s steep learning curve.

Together we will create the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

By engaging our participants in weekly workshops of various entrepreneurial obtained topics, we facilitate a 50% continuance rate of start-ups every season.

By ensuring our board members a professional development throughout their tenure. With the aid of our experienced advisory and supervisory board, they are offered encouraging training sessions, such as intense coaching on their personal learning goals.

By creating a nationwide community of participants, alumni, board members, mentors and business networks. These people are invited to network drinks, the Dragons’ Den and other social events organised by Hive01. We strongly believe in the added value of sharing knowledge with newer generations of entrepreneurs.

By establishing additional hives across the Netherlands. Our goal is to explore new regions
continuously and expand to one each year, eventually also internationally.