Meet the


Jury member Jin Han

Company: Globus, Managing Partner

What does SACA mean to you?

“SACA is important because: 1) the students will bring fresh and innovative ideas, 2) we want to foster and implement good ideas and 3) we want to overcome the Covid19 impacts and transform the situation into opportunity”

Profile description

Help startups and scaleups with global expansions, and sustainable growth by providing strategic, operational, sales, partnership and talent management. Also invests in promising scaleups.

Jury member Daniel Gebler

Company: CTO of Picnic Technologies

What does SACA mean to you?

“When the world stops and supply chains are under immense pressure, there could be no better time to reinvent the technologu powering eCommerce and eLogistics. Looking forward to recceiving your ideas!”

Jury member Steven van Huiden

Company: TU/e Innovation Lab, representing the incubator STARTUP*EHV,

What does SACA mean to you?

“Students have the ability of creative and not yet restricted idea generation.”

Jury member Bas van der Werf

Company: HalloLex, Co-Founder and Director

What does SACA mean to you?

“I believe in different times after this crisis. A changed way we look at certain societal problems but also a difference in the way we are going to allocate money and focus. I think that companies that are flourishing or starting now, can have a great impact on the changes described above.”

Jury member Bas Rieter

Company: Community Builder at Leapfunder

What does SACA mean to you?

“Young students with the drive to innovate are key in tackling this crisis – SACA showcases these founders.”

Profile description

“Having previously worked at a student-oriented VC and my own startup, I know what it’s like to be at both sides of the table. I enjoy working with ambitious students who dream big and do big.”

Jury member Mike Verkouter

Company: Novel-T, manager startup acceleration

What does SACA mean to you?

“As Novel-T and with my own eyes I saw and still see daily what students are capable of. Building impactful ideas and solutions into startups that change the world for the better. Also in these times we need to give students the space and support them in their creativity against corona.”

Profile description

With a background in developing and working on projects in Africa, the Middle East and China, Mike now works for Novel-T and the University of Twente as manager Startup Acceleration + manager of the brand new student incubator Incubase. With that responsible for all the programs, bootcamps, missions and instruments regarding startups and scale ups.