13th May 2020


Seven finalists out of our 40 participating teams at SACA will make it to the Grand Finale. These finalists will pitch their ideas live to a jury of professionals, who will then choose the most ground-breaking and innovative ideas as a winner. The winners of the Students Against Corona Awards will go home with the SACA Prize Pool worth over €7,000!

Students Against Corona Awards

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Do you see an opportunity worth tackling? 

As we all help the society by #stayingathome, we know that some of you out there are already developing ideas and initiatives in order to combat some of the negative consequences of the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, recent changes have brought about detrimental consequences for other aspects of our society. Production lines are shut down and global supply chains disrupted, bars and restaurants were forced to close their doors and hospitals are struggling to accommodate a growing influx of patients.

But, as the global economy totters in the face of this global challenge, a new realm of opportunity is opening up. In times of crisis, the real heroes stand up and work together. Those with the farsighted optimism to see the silver lining and unite in their innovation and creativity will be the pioneers leading us to a better future.

SACA in short

The Students Against Corona Awards is a quarantine-proof, nationwide contest where interdisciplinary talents across the Netherlands from our top universities combat the impact of the corona virus.

During a two week program you are offered professional tools and guidance in order to develop your idea into a real solution.

At the end of the two week program you will videopitch your solution in front of an expert jury with the chance to win the Students Against Corona Awards and the money prize that comes with it.

Who can participate?

All students from universities in The Netherlands can participate in the Students Against Corona Awards. You can use your pre-existing idea/solution or create an idea/solution during the ideation phase in the first week of SACA.

If you are not a student of a Dutch university, please note that you will not be able to claim the prize money but you can still participate in all the workshops. If you have one person in your team that is from a Dutch university, then they will be able to claim the prize.


01. Protection of risk groups

People with underlying health conditions as well as the elderly have been identified as having a higher risk for severe illness. Do you have an idea of how society could help them?

04. Education

“Education is the passport to the future”- Malcolm X. Despite the abolishment of live education, how can we continue to deliver quality education to ensure a passport to a prosperous future?

05. Hospital & medical care

Hospitals around the globe are struggling with the growing influx of patients, lack of supplies and absence of a cure. What can we citizens do to solve some of their growing needs?

02. Isolation & mental health

Staying at home and “social distancing” leaves a lot of people in complete isolation, bombarded with continuous bad news surrounding the situation. Do you see this taking a toll on mental health? And what about those already suffering from mental health issues?

03. Economic impact

World economic growth has already plunged in light of the corona crisis. Many business processes have come to a halt and many jobs are hanging by a thread. Is there a way up and out of the upcoming global recession?

06. After the crisis

So, what comes next? Maybe you have an idea that will revolutionise our lives once we finally beat the coronavirus. Can we learn something from this crisis to construct a new future?

The coaches, speakers and jury


Registration deadline
April 26

Submit basic details about your idea and team. If you do not have either of those just yet- do not fret! We will help you find a team.

Phase l: Ideation
April 28 – May 1

Whether you have an idea or not, this week you have the chance to follow various workshops to extend your knowledge from experts in disrupted industries.

Deadline idea proposal
May 3

After working out different ideas with your group, you’ll end this week by putting the idea on paper!

Phase ll: Develop
May 4 – May 8

Extend and expand your current entrepreneurial knowledge and network by participating in our workshops to help you in every step of business creation.

Deadline video pitch
May 9

Tell us all about your initiative through a 5 minute video pitch. We want you to capture the essence of your startup through this video- time to let your creativity shine!

May 13

You and your team will have the chance to pitch your final idea to a live jury of industry experts and startup enthusiasts. Some investors will be there too!

Ready to make YOUR impact on society?

Our workshops are open to everyone, check out this weeks’ schedule here.

Running student initiatives that will inspire you


We are a non-profit initiative that offers free study aid to high school students all over The Netherlands. This initiative is more important than ever in order to ensure that high school students can still efficiently study from home and get all the help they need.


StayRotterdam is an initiative for anyone anywhere in the world who are feeling bored or lonely at home during the quarantine period. We aim to provide entertainment and an online support system by organising entertaining and educational events via videocall.

 Intense Keystrokes

Online examinations pose a unique problem for distance-based education, in that it can be very difficult to provide true user authentication. The student startup Intense is working on a non-intrusive solution to prevent fraud during online exams.

Good Goes Viral

Good Goes Viral is an open innovation platform that collects, develops and promotes the best ideas in the fight against the negative effects of COVID-19. Our mission is to make the innovation spread faster than the virus by engaging a wide network.



-Dutch university students from all over the country. We are inviting young health, tech, marketing, science, economics and innovation enthusiast and critical thinkers all over the Netherlands to join our movement. Participate for free and help tackle the crisis with your idea!


-The workshops are not mandatory but meant to prepare you as much as possible for your final pitch!


-Yes, you can sign up as an individual and find a team later or work alone. You can also sign up without an idea. Phase I is meant to help you come up with something. There is no limit on the number of team members if you decide to join as a team.


-The workshops will take place via an online videoconference platform (Zoom).


-We will communicate with you and your team through slack channels during the game. Until you join the slack, via email!


-We are in touch with industry experts and startup enthusiasts who will judge your idea on feasibility, profitability and its long and short term impact.

Meet the associations behind this event


UtrechtInc Students

ECE Students

KickOff Eindhoven

Reach out to us if you have any questions.



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